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If you are taking the trouble to get a picture restored,
it makes sense to pack it properly to avoid any further damage!

1. Always remove any glass or other breakable mount or frame. If the picture is stuck to the glass please don't try to remove it, you may make things much worse, unfortunately under this circumstance we may not be able to help you.

2. Place the picture between two sheets of cardboard - cut up from a cardboard box is fine.

When sending several pictures, don't put them face to face and separate them with a sheet of clean paper.

3. Always post your picture by SPECIAL/RECORDED DELIVERY so that we have to sign on receipt. This also gives you the chance to track the package if necessary.

Non-UK customers should use a traceable service or courier.

Basic restoration

Fading, discolouration, small scratches and blemishes removed.

from £5.00

Moderate restoration

Tears, creases, missing corners, marks and stains:

from £10.00

Advanced restoration

Repair of complex areas such as faces and hands, removal of subjects, replacement backgrounds, repair of extensive damage.

from £20.00

A quote is submitted before work starts, if you would like to discuss pricing options, please contact us:

Unless otherwise specified, prints are borderless 6 x 4 in matt finish: