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Regardless of  how good your virus protection is, there is always the possibility of contracting a virus on your computer. More commonly it is ‘Spyware’ which goes un-noticed and will collect information about you without your knowledge as well as slowing down your computer.

Common indicators of a spyware infection are, redirection from one web-site to another, random e-mails sent to your contacts from your e-mail account, changes to your computer settings, slow Internet connection speeds, un-authorised change of your homepage.

GHS recommend ‘Kaspersky Internet Security’ to protect your computer from virus’s and un-authorised access from the Internet, also ‘Spybot - Search and Destroy’ available free to find, delete and immunise against, spyware. Download Here

As well as spyware many people are coaxed into giving there bank, credit card and other personal details away as a result of Ransomware, It will often prevent you from using your computer until a payment has been made and even then is un-likely to give you access back to your PC.

The example (right) appears to be from the metropolitan police stating that you've downloaded illegal content and shows a live video feed from your web-cam, stop, this is ransomware. The Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware is a Trojan that allows hackers to perform a number of actions on the infected computer and requests you pay a fine as a result of your illegal activity.

Depending on the severity of the infection, most computers are cleared of all infections, serviced and returned within 24 hours for £40.00, if you don’t already have it, we recommend purchasing a Kaspersky Internet Security licence at the same time for £30.00 to help prevent re-occurrence.